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Winter home of the Snow Geese and one of Canada's top birdwatching sites.
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Current Volunteer Postings

Last updated July 11, 2021

Our regular bi-weekly Saturday Bird Survey Team
(currently we have enough people)

Since 2012, we have been conducting regular surveys of the Sanctuary every other Saturday morning. Although we have had lots of volunteers some years, some of them have moved on to other tasks, so there are always opportunities to sign up. We give preference to university and college students but welcome all.

Trail Hosts (a.k.a. Weekend Warriors)
(we never have enough, please apply anytime)

We have found it very helpful to have a small team of weekend volunteers to supplement our staff on site at all seasons. In the fall, the draw of Snow goose viewing brings excited people, in winter, people want o get too close to owls (or walk right by them), in spring, they might miss some interesting courtship behavior, and summer visitors do not seem to know nest sites are "sacred", that some birds are flightless and the birds own the flowers and berries. The goal is to make sure the visitors are doing okay and to inform them of interesting birds or to remind them of the rules. This can be both very challenging and very rewarding.

Museum Docent
( under review)

We sometimes need a person willing to open the museum to the public for a few hours on weekends, answer visitor questions, but mainly just to be present so that the room is supervised. This position is ideal for someone who knows about the Sanctuary (preferably a long-term member) and is willing to spend a few hours a week indoors instead of out on the trails. Come and talk to either Varri or Kathleen at the Gift Shop if you would like to be considered.

Short-term Work Parties
(keep checking for dates)

We often use volunteers for trail maintenance and for habitat work, but there is not usually a set schedule and this kind of activity is usually more likely in late summer and early fall, and reduced in winter to avoid disturbing the birds. Usually, you can count on getting muddy, dirty or sweaty. We will be tackling the projects below in the next few months to tidy up the place for fall. If you are, interested in these tasks, send us an email and we will contact you when we have dates set. Many hands make light work.

  • "Tractor, Trailer, Shovel and Rake", also known as adding a little more trail surface gravel to tidy up muddy spots and give people a little more traction in some slippery or uneven areas.
  • "Rock Rehab", also know as relocating all the rip-rap people have thrown into the pond, adding some more for shoreline protection, and tidying up any large shoreline rock features.
  • "Snips, Shears and Saws", yes, pruning along our trails, not in a really invasive manner, especially in summer, but if we don't do it, there are no trails. In fall, we untangle and prune back new sapling growth.
  • " Marsh Mudwork". When needed, we assemble some people willing to cut back some of the cattail near the tower to open up the view. People without gumboots or afraid of getting dirty need not apply. If you are game, though, it is oddly satisfying to cut these large robust plants and to become one with the mud.



We ask volunteers to complete a volunteer application form for our files at the time that you start working as a volunteer. The form is under revision right now, but will be available at the Gift Shop.


Ever wonder how we keep miraculously producing new supplies of brown seed bag treats, even after a hectic weekend when hundreds of bags of grain have gone down the gullets of the ducks?

Eric and Eileen are just two of our seed-bagging volunteers, but they are voted most likely to take on the challenge of getting us all up to date and filling all the "empties" just in one morning.

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