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Winter home of the Snow Geese and one of Canada's top birdwatching sites.
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Welcome IOC 2018 Visitors

How to Get Here:

Visit our Planning Your Visit Page for our hours, how the place works, but particularly for our location. We are at the end of the road on the most seaward edge of Delta, and about an hour's drive away from Canada Place and the conference. Public transit does not come all the way to the Sanctuary.

Here are some options for getting here if you do not have a vehicle:

1. Take a taxi directly from the downtown Vancouver conference center to the Sanctuary.

Our address is 5191 Robertson Road, Delta BC V4K 3N2. Some of the Vancouver taxi services have indicated that it will be $80- $90 one way plus taxes, but the cost could be shared with another passenger. If there are several of you all wanting to travel together, the costs per person may go down even further if a multi-passenger vehicle is used. There are many taxi services, but check with them to ensure they are able to come out to pick you up from Delta later on to get back to your hotel. You may have to arrange for a different company for the return trip.

2. Do a mix of public transit as far as it can get you, then call a taxi.

Public transit is fairly reasonable cost (less than $10). Visit the Translink Trip Planning page for details. You will need to walk just a few blocks to the Skytrain station at Waterfront on Cordova Street east of the Convention Center. Catch the Canada Line to Richmond/the Airport, but get off at the Bridgeport Station. Transfer to the 601 bus which comes in to the Ladner Exchange. From there call a taxi for the last few km out to the Sanctuary. The cab fare is likely to be about $25, but ask ahead of time to make sure. Main local taxi company: Delta/Surrey Green Cabs Phone 604-594-1111.

3. If you do not know anyone else to share a cab with or are uncertain about how to connect, contact us.

Let us know by sending an email to the Sanctuary Manager by Wednesday night (August 22nd), and we will try match interested conference people up for an organized booking of transport, particularly for the Friday, August 24th. Some of our volunteers may also be able to pick a few people up at the Ladner bus exchange and take them to the Sanctuary if the timing is right and there is room in their vehicles.

Tours Available:

10 am Friday August 24th

10 am Sunday August 26th

Both of these tours are on a drop-in basis, no registration required and no extra fees other than your admission. You can sometimes borrow binoculars at the Gift Shop (depending on how much demand there has been for them).

Many people enjoy birding at their own pace and exploring on their own. We give all interested visitors a trail map and some guidance about where recent sightings have been, particularly if they are not with a tour group. See our Birding Page for more details.

Enjoy your visit!


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